”Hi! I’m a visiting CrossFitter from [another affiliate]. Can I train at your gym?”

We gladly welcome travelling CrossFitters from all around the world!

The simplest thing is to point you towards our ”Book CrossFit Online” page. It explains how to access our online booking/payment system, and what to bring along to your first session at our gym (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire). Our ‘policy’ – such as we have one – is that all athletes must book in (and pay for) for their session(s) ahead of time.

”Hi! I’d like to come to your gym, but I want to follow my own programming. Is that cool?”

Unfortunately, the way that we are currently set up does not support people coming to the gym and training on their own. In between a busy Personal Training schedule and our Classes, there is very limited scope for the gym to be used by individuals training alone. Our primary concerns are for the safety of the individual, but we also need to consider the security of the building.

”Hi! I’m coming along to my first session, what should I bring with me?”

We would recommend comfortable gym/training clothes (shorts and t-shirt) and perhaps something warm to wrap yourself up in after the session. You will definitely need a water bottle of some sort to replenish your fluid during and after the workout. We would also recommend some flat or thin soled training shoe, rather than normal running shoes (if you have some).

Medical Conditions

If you feel you have a medical condition that could impact your training, we suggest you have a personal training session first. Simply book a session here by emailing mail@missiontrainingsystems.co.uk. Here, we can assess the nature of your condition, whether we need to talk to your doctor, and what reasonable adjustments we can make to keep you safe.

Health & Safety

CrossFit is deliberately, and by design, a real world, functional fitness programme. By this we mean that some of the exercises and techniques that we use can be dangerous if performed incorrectly or with poor technique. This is why we spend a great deal of time and energy on drilling technique and skills through the foundations program. This sort of exercise regime is not without risk, though. You can – and probably should – expect to pick up some bumps and bruises along the way. We are most certainly NOT preaching ”no pain, no gain”. However, if the idea of picking up a few ”oocha’s” along the way really turns you off, then CrossFit may not be the right program for you. If you would like to book on to one of the above options, click on the ”Book Crossfit Online” to access the booking and scheduling system.